14 agosto, 2015

Basico (basic in Spanish) is simple theme made with bootstrap, that can be configurad with a simple option menu, that can be found in the Theme section


In this option you will found different parts.

Global options


Visual Options


Date, tags and categories will have 3 options: After the title, in the footer and disable, so this last one will not show the area.

Example, date-> disabled, tags-> after the title and categories in the footer


 Sidebar options

sidebar_optionsFor sidebar you will have enabled by default in the right of the blog, you can always disabled this option by enabling the other sidebar (left and right).

The left and right you can show disabled, right and left

And the footer you can add 2 or more info to show or nothing by disabled.

Script options


Every javascript and css use in the code can be load by one CDN, but by default is load locally from the server

Social options


You can add the URL of your social network, this will add the button in before the title, like this